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Debra Exel

With a reputation for being a ‘workaholic’, it’s no surprise to anyone that even after 25 years in big business, Debra Exel is still not ready for the slow lane.

“My time in the telecommunications field as a management professional and Senior Project Manager has equipped me with such an extensive knowledge base.” Debra says she’s “completely on fire” when it comes to using this expertise to support other online business managers. “It is so gratifying to work with teams and solo professionals, applying project management tactics that will turn their effort into a system that will yield real results.”


Debra’s extensive portfolio includes new technology deployment, new product introduction, process improvement projects, HR initiatives and Y2K system certifications. She counts in her experience projects that span multiple years, have annual budgets of tens of millions of dollars, involve hundreds of project team members, and represent many lines of business concurrently. Debra has also successfully established several Project Management and Program Management Offices to effectively introduce and manage projects and change.

Debra holds a Master Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University, and is among the first 50 people in Canada to have completed this program. Debra has a Certificate in Human Resources Management, and is a past member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).


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