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Is purpose-driven happiness a side effect of your business?

I was reading an article recently about the effect of happiness on health and well-being. There was lots of scientific stuff about happymeasuring the impact of two types of happiness: the in-the-moment happiness you get from experiences or consuming things (movies! chocolate! popcorn!) and meaningful happiness which is the ‘feel good’ effect that comes from having a higher purpose, being connected to a community or being of service to others. (Hint: the study revealed healthier, more robust immune systems/less risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s in people whose happiness was not derived primarily from the first type).

Made me think of this in business.

Quick wins, short term goals will boost confidence, show results and momentum. They are important rewards and lifts along the way that keep us moving forward. But our more meaningful job satisfaction is knowing we are changing the world, making a difference or providing a long-lasting benefit to our clients or community.

If you’re not getting this kind of well-being or buzz from your business, are you doing what you were meant to do? Are you mired in tasks (drudgery) that is keeping you from living your passion?

Are you happy or are you happy?

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