Romancing your prospects:

Do you turn off the charm?

I visited a great little winery in Texas hill country a while back. The owner was charming, fun, had great products and spent lots of charmingtime discussing wines with me.

When crunch time came, unable to ship wine to Canada and realizing there would be no sale, he lost interest and moved on.

Have you ever done that?

Part of the motivation to invest time in networking or building relationships is the hope that it will result in a sale or a new client. Even though time is money, sometimes just putting yourself out there with no expectations, can lead to an unexpected partnership or referral down the road. That person will remember the genuine connection they had with you and may reach out about working together or refer you to their contacts as someone worth speaking with.

It’s true. Someone I met at an event years ago, recalled chatting with me and got in touch. We’re still working together and it’s been a wonderful partnership.

So turn on the charm …. That positive, memorable experience you’re creating may pay off one day!

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